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Discover the secret strategies founders use to fuel the can-do economy – and how you can deploy them in your business.


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Seven chapters of fresh tactics

1. Persuade With Passion

What a soup kitchen can teach you about founding the future.

2. Think Bigger

To make your mark, learn to make a moonshot.

3. Lead From The Frontline

Inspire like an army officer – lead your team through a minefield.

4. Put A Price On Yourself

Get a bigger payday by knowing your value.

5. Empower Your Staff To Quit

Why nurturing workers’ entrepreneurialism pays dividends.

6. Learn From Failure

How to triumph by falling down and getting back up.

7. Prepare To Pivot

Reach your true goal through recognition and iteration.

Founders' blueprints help you to...



Be a better leader


Convince investors


Maximise opportunities 10x


Inspire your team


Attract customers


Improve every day

Insight from featured founders

Learn from global entrepreneurs like you, as they pick up skills from the trenches.

Philipp Rogge

CEO & Founder

Mats Carduner

CEO & Co-founder

Patrick Henshaw

Co-founder & COO

Sean Mallon

CEO & Founder

Isaac Oates

CEO & Founder

Rose Adkins

CEO & Founder

Artem Petakov

Co-founder & Co-CEO

Reader reviews


 Five Stars. A very thoughtful and insightful blueprint of a cross-section of startup leaders and experiences! 


 Dispatches from the cutting edge of startups. Engaging, accessible and inspiring collection of interviews, profiles and general wisdom. 


 The best quality of this book is the abundance of motivational content. The main takeaways aren’t just fluff or hollow speeches. 


 Will be a great read for anyone who is thinking of starting a business but isn’t quite sure what that might entail. 

About the author

Robert Andrews

Editorial Consultant

Robert Andrews is a journalist turned editorial consultant who helps companies understand and communicate the evolution of media, technology and marketing.

Previously senior editor of paidContent, Robert has documented the digital revolution for Wired, The Guardian, BBC News and others.

He helps startups and publishers influence audiences using content and events.