Virgin Radio Broadcasts To Wii And Playstation 3 Entertainment Hubs

Virgin Radio, UK, the rock station once owned by Richard Branson, has begun streaming on to Sony Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii consoles, Guardian reports. Virgin is taking advantage of that fact it’s the only such station to offer a clean MP3 stream by plugging the stream into a Flash applet accessible via the web browsers on the machines. It is the first time a UK radio station has been made available on a games console and is clearly a nod to the Trojan Horse notion that games boxes could become home entertainment hubs. Sister stations Xtreme, Classic Rock and Groove are also available; the app also includes retail options for music and concerts but is not yet available for Xbox 360. Digital media director James Cridland: “People now treat consoles as part of their home entertainment media center. Plus the platform has great growth potential, particularly among early-adopters and the 25-44 audience popular with advertisers.”