Six million .uk domains live, Nominet reports

Nominet has registered its six millionth .uk domain name, with the national country code attracting a growing number of domestic companies.

The registry said a YouGov survey of 2,324 internet users showed people were six times more likely to enter a .uk domain name than a .com address when using a search engine.

“With six million domain names now registered and a large percentage of these linked to e-commerce, it’s easy to see the importance of a domain name to a business,”
said Nominet chief executive Lesley Crowly.

“Local companies such as Klassik Builders are realising the value of a .uk domain name for promoting their business to customers.”

The Rainhill, Merseyside-based building and shop fitting firm became the six millionth .uk registrant when it registered last week.

“I felt that by choosing a address, people would be more likely to visit my web site,” Tony Hunt from the outfit told Nominet.

.uk was first introduced as part of the JANet education network in 1985 and is now the fourth most popular country code top-level domain name after .com, .de and .net. is the most popular varient of the .uk suffix.