Broadband Content Bits: William Morris/Narrowstep; Netflix; FIFA;

William Morris Agency/Narrowstep: Comedian Tyler Perry (from the film Diary of a Mad Black Woman) is getting his own online video/community site. The project was put together by the Hollywood rep firm Willam Morris Agency, which matched Perry up with another client of theirs, online video aggregator Narrowstep Narrowstep is currently working with WMA on additional single-talent broadband channels. (via Mediaweek) Next.TV will debut later this month as a Web update on HP consumer notebooks shipping with Microsoft Vista. It will feature live streaming programs as well as archived programming from specific content providers.

Netflix Streaming: The company says usage of its Watch Now movie streaming service recorded 10 million viewings between July 7 and Aug. 22, more than doubling the viewings in the first half of the year when the company first rolled out the service.

FIFA Women’s World Cup: FIFA will offer live webcasts of all 32 matches of the 2007 Women