The Five-Year View: Tech Investment Back To Modest Pre-Recession Levels

Last week’s latest CalibreOne study showed how tech investment reached a low from January to March, as the recession bit hard, but started to pick up again from April to June.

Nevermind the here-and-now – we decided to take a broader look through all CalibreOne’s available historical data since January 2004. The takeaway, as our charts show to crash-time doomsayers – tech spending today is actually set fair, somewhat between the highs and lows of pre-recession 2004-06.

Sure, investment totals now are only about a quarter of those seen in early 2008 – but Q108 was a five-year , high, so it’s all relative, and things are looking up. Still, one swallow doesn’t make a summer – so keep your eyes peeled for continued re-growth between July and September.

Be thankful you’re in the UK. Across the pond in north America, the fall to the bottom (Q408) was far more pronounced from last autumn’s five-year peak. And, despite two consecutive quarters of recovery, investment levels are still way below those seen between 2004 and late 2007 – but that also means a bigger up-swing on the recovery that’s now underway…