Future Wants To Syndicate Its Web Content

Stevie Spring’s Future is seeing growing audiences for its website destinations, but now wants to license their content out to third parties.

The publisher says its starting an “international digital syndication service” to “make packages of Future web content available to publishers worldwide”.

Those publishers are primarily “publishers, portals, retailers and manufacturers who are building niche verticals around hobbies and leisure interests as a way of generating advertising and e-commerce revenues”. In other words, Future will be happy to license its articles out to anyone who wants them.

Future is starting the scheme off by licensing out content from its TechRadar site, through German content agency Contilla, to the print-on-demand service Print24.com.

The challenge in syndicating out online content is ensuring that the origin publication has enough Google (NSDQ: GOOG) juice that, when a reader searches for a topic, they find the original article, rather than the off-site version.