Online Betting B2B News Site Will Start Charging

Another one bites the bullet. eGaming Review, a B2B news site about the online betting industry, will charge for its free website from September 28.

The publisher is putting its site in with a £370 annual subscription that also comprises 12 monthly print issues, e-editions of those issues, daily email and archive search. Online-only access comes in £50 cheaper and additional licenses also slide down.

eGR’s publisher Pageant Media also runs a portfolio of titles for insurance and fund managers. We have asked it whether this strategy is being implemented across the board.

The title started in 2005 and the site clocked one million visitors this year. It runs eGR Live, a free trade show. The new model will show a two-week free trial.

“A number of high profile publications and B2C and B2B media brands have gone behind the paywall and proved the model has been proven to work,” according to the company. “Also, a significant amount of our news is recycled by affiliate portals and other news sites and will no longer be available elsewhere across the internet for free.

“Some of the biggest companies in egaming including operators, service providers, recruiters, lawyers, etc, have already contacted us asking for multiple licence deals to enable employees in offices around the world to access our products,”

“We are, in my opinion and in the opinion of the majority of the industry, the leading industry publication and do not want to lose loyal readers such as yourself.