Beet Retreat in the City, “We’re Going Local!” hosted by GroupM Worldwide and sponsored by Amobee, Comcast Spotlight, TVSquared and WideOrbit 0

Local media is hot: Cable and satellite companies and national programmers are creating an increasingly attractive, segmented, local marketplace.

This dynamic marketplace, for both national and local advertisers, is being powered by several factors including widespread adoption of household and device addressability, linear optimization, an explosion in VOD offerings and new inventory unlocked by station operators along with inventory from national programmers, distributors and a new wave of “virtual” MVPD’s.

As this media matures, new forms of attribution and performance measurement are making this increasingly attractive to buyers.

This “lighting up” of local media is a transformative moment for addressable TV.

A half-half day program will explore these topics in panels and interviews to be published and widely shared by Beet.TV.