Bluebird settles into new home

The British land-speed record team has settled into a new home on the site of its original attempt over 70 years ago.

Bluebird Technologies Limited said the company has gone from strength to strength after relocating to Pendine in Carmarthenshire earlier this year.

Don Wales’ team smashed the record for electric-powered vehicles in June with the Bluebird Electric car at Pendine Sands,.

His grandfather, Sir Malcolm Campbell, set previous land-speed records there in the 1920s.

The firm said its workforce had increased from three to 11 after moving from RAF Brawdy in Pembrokeshire to Pendine’s Defence Evaluation and Research Agency site, and that this could double before Christmas.

Carmarthenshire County Council said it was pleased that the team chose to settle in the county.

Business opportunities

Officers from the council are working closely with Bluebird to develop various business opportunities.

Sir Malcolm smashed three land-speed records on the site in the 1920s. His son Donald was killed when his speedboat crashed in 1967.

Don Wales clocked 128mph to break the modern-day record after spending nine years developing the Bluebird Electric.

He said: “I think the motor industry is slowly beginning to develop its own motors and they should be applauded for that.

“I think we need to get across to the public that electric cars are going to be part of the future.”