‘End tuition fees’ – LibDems

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have called on the government to abolish university tuition fees.

Party Leader Mike German AM said the policy of charging for teaching was denying higher education to Welsh students planning on going to university.

Mr. German commended his colleagues in the Scottish Parliament coalition, who, he said, were responsible for delivering education to Scottish students without fees.

He said: “It is time Labour delivered a similar package to the students of Wales, England and Northern Ireland.

“Presently, many students will be planning for their university education, but, for some students in Wales, access to higher education will have been denied.”

After the publication of record-breaking A-Level results last week, students across Wales have been making plans to continue into higher education.

Mr. German – Assembly Member for South Wales East – is a school governor and former school teacher.

He said that up-front payments are difficult for students to cope with.

Making students poorer’

“The Labour government removed grants for poorer students and imposed tuition fees on the rest,” he said.

“Making potential students poorer will not help them get through a degree course.

“Students may even be forced to drop out of higher education as they struggle to meet the financial demands of tuition fees, housing and maintenance.”

“I call on Labour to abolish the tuition fees they introduced throughout the rest of the United Kingdom.”