Couples offered cyber divorce

A brother and sister have offered couples quickie divorces using the internet.

Entrepreneurs Adam and Ruth Slader from Carmarthen, west Wales, set up a web site for people to download forms to file for divorce.

They said their package is better than the conventional route to separation.

It follows the launch of a Scottish service, Click 2 Split, which offers couples a DIY divorce.

“We believe our’s is the cheapest and easiest way of doing a simple divorce,” said Ruth, 25.

“You visit our web site, put in your credit card number and download the forms, and we explain what to do.”

“It costs £50 plus the £180 court fees, which is cheap compared to the £250 to £300 plus court fees charged by solicitors.”

Adam, 18, set up the business whilst studying for A-Levels at Carmarthenshire College.

He got straight As and is planning on studying Computing at Cardiff University from September.

Their father Chris Slader said: “All four of our children are quite entrepreneurial, and Adam did both his school work and this extra work to help set up the business.

“Ruth had the idea for the site and Adam did the technical work.

“They both have plenty of good ideas and that bodes well for the future.”

The first online divorce in the world took place in the Middle East in May, when a man in the United Arab Emirates informed his wife of separation by e-mail.

The Scottish service was criticised by marriage guidance counsellors for making it to easy to obtain a divorce.