‘Jail me’ plea from burglar

A burglar who asked to be jailed rather than sent home has been sent to prison by a judge.

Mold Crown Court was told that Robert Hutchinson, 34, had begun an alcohol abuse course in prison.

He was determined to complete the course to help him mend his ways on his release, and was afraid he would get into trouble again if he went straight home to Queen’s Park in Wrexham.

The court had been told that Hutchinson, of Bersham Road in Wrexham, was arrested at the scene of a burglary at a record shop.

Alcohol awareness

He admitted the burglary – as well as a separate theft charge – and was jailed for nine months.

Hutchinson’s solicitor Andrew Green said his client was currently at Altcourse Prison in Liverpool and was following a comprehensive alcohol awareness and lifestyle course.

He was anxious to return to prison to complete the course.

Mr Green said that if Hutchinson was released, he feared he would return to the Queen’s Park area of Wrexham – and possibly get into more trouble.

He had previously showed that he could keep out of trouble and had done so when he lived with his mother and had a regular job.

The court heard that Hutchinson was determined to cure his serious dependence on alcohol, and had been working hard at rehabilitiation.