Geller pitches in for stadium roof

Paranormal expert Uri Geller has attempted to save the FA Cup Final in a mind-bending experiment.

On a visit to south Wales, Geller summoned the mind power of the nation to call the roof to close.

The retractable roof of the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff has been jammed open for three weeks and the exposed pitch has fallen into a poor condition.

Earlier this week Football Association chiefs ordered that a new turf be laid before the final on 12 May.

The Israeli-born psychic, who first demonstrated his powers in 1969 was visiting Merthyr Tydfil to “empower” copies of a new CD.

“I want to fix the roof, I want to activate it.

“We will visualise the roof mechanism and all you have to do is send your mind power.”

Dropping in on BBC Radio Wales studio in Cardiff on Wednesday, he encouraged Wales at One presenter Phil Parry to join the massive effort.

Mental energy

He called on everyone in Wales to use mental energy to shift the huge stadium feature, which is unique in the UK, in time for the world’s most-watched club football competition.

The FA has shifted competitions to Cardiff while Wembley Stadium is being rebuilt.

“Believe that your mind power is going to release the jam that made the roof stop working,” Uri asked.

“I am not joking. I know, to some, this may sound comical or rather bizarre. But we will send the instruction.

“After three, shout out the word: ‘Move!’

“You do want Liverpool and Arsenal playing there on May 12, don’t you?

“What we should do is use our mind power to make the retractable roof move again,” he said.

Stadium officials said later that the roof was expected to be working normally again on Thursday.

A three day operation costing £100,000 to relay the stadium’s turf was also due to begin then.