Humphrys beats Moyles in podcast tussle

The Today programme’s main 8.10am interview has risen to the top of the list of the BBC’s most popular podcasts.

Figures revealed by the broadcaster show the morning Radio 4 slot was downloaded 474,357 times in March, knocking former chart-topper Chris Moyles down to second place with 441,832 downloads.

The BBC has added an increasing number of radio shows to its podcasting and downloading project, which began in 2005 and is still in trial phase.

The success of Today’s big 8.10am interview, which aims to set the daily political agenda, could be telling for the fortunes news programming might enjoy in an environment of time-shifted, on-demand media.

Other successes were BBC Radio’s NewsPod, an evening news wrap-up presented by Eddie Mair, which was downloaded 147,664 times, and Radio 4’s From Our Own Correspondent, with 145,850 downloads.