You know when you’ve been viralled

Ben Metcalfe reports British TV channels are now showing a Welsh spoof of the increasingly-infamous Sony Bravia commercial.

For the sunny slopes of San Francisco and an avalanche of bouncing balls, swap with the hills of Swansea and a cascading torrent of fruit, complete with that beautifully sleep-inducing Jose Gonzalez backing track.

It’s a pastiche of the cult original for the Tango soft drink, formerly famous for passing the “you’ve been Tango’d” catchphrase into the lexicon of a generation of slap-happy schoolkids. Yet, from the look of a Swansea North Residents’ Association website, locals at the site of the shoot are furious at the damage caused by Tango’s raging tide of fruit, including smashed windows, leftover fruit slush and several gnome decapitations.

Except they’re not. What, at first glance, appears to be a convincing version of an amateurish local community website in fact sits on a domain registered by the award-winning CHI Advertising. That may account for why the ad is all over YouTube as well – a cracking viral concept that blends elements of parody and reality into something memorable. I think I’ve been Tango’d.

(via Ben)