New multimedia head for Trinity Mirror’s regionals

Trinity Mirror is looking to boost its regional titles’ websites with the appointment of Derby Evening Telegraph assistant editor Michael Hill to a new regional head of multimedia position.

“Michael will play a key role as we continue to develop into a true multi-platform publisher,” said Neil Benson, the group’s regional editorial director. “This is a tremendously exciting and challenging time for traditional publishers as we reshape our businesses for the future.

“Michael has a strong track record of developing innovative ideas to improve both newspapers and their digital platforms and services.”

Mr Hill has worked to integrate the DMGT-owned Telegraph’s print and online operations, the group said. Trinity Mirror’s network of 45 regional “ic” news portals has not received a significant facelift in some time, but some titles have recently experimented with downloadable audio and video.

In a statement, the group said Mr Hill would “work closely with Trinity Mirror’s regional editors and newsroom staff as the company continues its drive towards genuine multimedia publishing”.

icLiverpool currently carries video reportage and a business podcast series. Prompted by a decline in print advertising revenue, the newspaper group reported a further fall in profits last quarter, but said it expected performance over the year to be in line with expectations.

“The key will be to build on the work already underway and further integrate the print and online operations so they become truly complementary,” Mr Hill said.

“By playing to the strengths of each platform, the aim will be to produce compelling multimedia content that will increase audience and revenue in every marketplace.”