‘360-degree’ view of site metrics

Feed management service Feedburner has rolled out a new website statistics package following its
of blog tracking service BlogBeat.

While Feedburner previously only offered metrics on subscribers’ RSS feeds and clicks to corresponding pages on the main site, the integration of the new features allows publishers to tackle the thorny problem of marrying stats for both web and feed views.

New features include a tag-like ‘visitor city cloud’ and live geographic visitor detail. Publishers must add tracking code, FeedFlares or Feedburner ads to their pages in order to start recording page views.

“Our goal is to provide a 360-degree view of audience engagement for our publishers detailing where visitors get at your content and how they interact with it,”wrote company CEO Dick Costolo.

“We’ll help you track published media, syndicated media, and shared media; that’s book-learnin’ for your site, your feed, and the widgets/chicklets your audience uses and shares. Today’s announcement is still only version 1.0 of our site statistics.”