aims for slice of gadget market

British magazine publisher Future has launched a new website to serve the appetites of technology and gadget lovers –

The site uses content and writers from existing and mothballed titles including Digital Home, PC Plus, Mac Format and What Home Cinema.

Future first announced back last May, when it was codenamed Since then, it has been in testing and development. The site includes UK advertising and is written from offices in London, Tokyo and San Francisco.

Going live to the public this week, the site has included coverage from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

“During the rest of January we’ll be expanding our news and reviews coverage,” editor Dean Evans wrote from the event. “What you see here is the beginnings of a new technology portal, which will boast the latest news, reviews, features, blogs, buyer’s guides and forums.

“Similarly, we have a massive catalogue of product reviews to add to the site during January, over 5,000 to be exact.”

The online publishing space for technology news is burgeoning, with San Francisco-based CNET Networks having already operated UK versions of CNET,, ZDNet and Silicon for several years and numerous upstart blogs having become major players. Future also launched a niche blog for female gadget lovers – Gadget Candy.

Like CNET, will display gadget reviews and ratings from readers so that consumers have a broad recommendation source on which to base purchasing decisions. Writers will also use blogs to write editorial and converse with readers.

Future previously said would employ a new-build content management engine to allow visitors to customise their viewing experience. Dean Evans wrote that the coming weeks would constitute a live beta test for the site.