Nintendo boosts Game Christmas sales

Nintendo’s Wii and DS Lite games consoles helped boost British retailer
‘s Christmas sales by 15.6% and the group now expects to reap higher annual overall sales as a result.

Demand for the innovative devices rocketed sales in the six weeks to January 6, with the Brain Training DS title amongst the most popular games.

“Our Christmas sales performance was excellent particularly given the very strong comparatives for the previous year when the Micsrosoft Xbox360 launched,” said group chairman Peter Lewis.

“We have traded well and gained good momentum throughout this year which has reinforced our position as Europe’s leading specialist retailer of PC and videogames. We look forward to the much anticipated launch of the Sony Playstation 3 in 2007.”

Game now expects annual profits to January 31 to be between £28m and £30m.

The success of Nintendo’s devices has caused ripples in the US, too. The Japanese company yesterday trumpeted figures showing that over half of all consoles sold in November and December was a Nintendo. The DS was the most popular console, selling 1.6m in December alone.