Bloggers get paid for video product placement

PayPerPost, the company that caused controversy by paying bloggers to write about clients’ products, is to roll out the same model in the video blogging arena.

Advertisers in the network’s client base will next week begin paying bloggers to create videos about their goods, according to a report.

They will also get to place their own messages at the start or end of clips, ensuring a positive message even if the blogger offers a bad product review.

PayPerPost ruffled some feathers upon its launch in 2006 because, in paying bloggers between $5 and $10 to write about anything from loan sharks to bubble wrap, it did not require those bloggers provide disclosure on the practise.

Last month, it pulled out of a previously announced deal to purchase blog metrics startup Performancing.

More new features reportedly due for launch on Monday will include automatic disclosure of sponsors within ads, higher valuation for top-traffic bloggers and the ability for advertisers to target particular blogs based on topic matches.

The company is also asking its bloggers to submit video testimonials for its own upcoming TV advertisement.