@ 3GSM: Real Exec: China ‘Downloads Half Of All RealPlayers’, 1 Million Daily’

3GSM: John Giamatteo, RealNetworksChina is now downloading 50 percent of all the the RealPlayer media software distributed around the world daily, according to RealNetworks. John Giamatteo, EVP -worldwide business products and innovative operations for Real, told a 3GSM session on mobile music this morning: “It is one of the most downloaded pieces of software that goes out on the web each day. Today, we continue to distribute over 2 million RealPlayers a day globally. In China, we are distributing roughly close to a million RealPlayers a day as broadband continues to pick up in that market.”

Real got another foothold in the Far East with its $350 million purchase of South Korean ringtone platform WiderThan in September.
The company also used 3GSM to unveil a number of telco partnerships, including one with S-Telecom in Vietnam.