Wrigley’s lauches Wii adver-games

Chewing gum maker Wrigley has launched a digital marketing campaign with a difference, rolling out a series of games on Nintendo’s Wii games machine.

The company opened its CandyStand mini-games portal on the console’s Internet Channel.

First launched in 1997, it includes a selection of brand-laden games like Altoids Sheep and The Great Flying Mintini. Availability on the Wii means players will be able to use Nintendo’s innovative wiimote controller to interact with the features.

Wrigley’s director of global digital marketing Scott Tannen told Advertising Age CandyStand attracts four to five million bored office workers each month.

He said it was the first branded site to be made available via the Wii’s Opera browser, adding the company “felt the need to be there quickly” after noticing a spike in Wii online use since the Internet Channel debuted in December.