@ OPA: Content Creators Gather In London

I’m hogging the front-row aisle at London’s Landmark hotel for the Online Publishers’ Association Forum for the Future conference. While the delegates digest their croissants in the lobby, OPA staff are checking the stage mics for two days (Thursday and Friday) of “discussing topics of global import to the media business”. This event will hear from BBC internet controller Tony Ageh, NBCU chief digital officer George Kliavkoff, Pierre Bellanger of the Skyrock French/Belgian radio network, Guardian Media Group CEO Carolyn McCall, even Starbucks’ SVP of brand strategy. It’s an interesting bet exactly what the common concerns will be for the publishing execs at this year’s OPA – but I’ve seen the conference crew demo the Numa Numa lip-syncing extravaganza, so it’s a fair assumption user-generated content will be on many folks’ lips. We’ll have our trademarked conference coverage throughout. Bring your own croissants.