Yahoo! adds features for mobile publishers

Yahoo! this morning unveiled new tools that make it easier for publishers to mobilise and monetise their website content.

The Yahoo! Mobile Publisher Services help producers gain prominence for their sites in new mobile search services and allow them to make money from a range of ad formats.

They essentially leverage Yahoo!’s new mobile-friendly oneSearch application (also available via web search) and gives new visibility to advertisers.

The suite consists of…

Mobile Ad Network — Tapping the company’s ad inventory, the network allows publishers to choose display, sponsored, video or in-game ads to be placed on mobile versions of their pages. The company began a search ad trial in the UK in October; now publishers will have more control over ad placement.

Mobile Content Engine — According to the press release: “It will … help enable publishers who do not have a mobile site … to quickly distribute their content to consumers on their mobile phones. [It] will allow publishers to make their content, such as listings or articles, discoverable to consumers by integrating it into Yahoo! oneSearch.”

Mobile Media Directory — An engine allowing inviting publishers to catalogue their downloadable content in the oneSearch service, with prominence determined by editorial staff and community ratings.

Mobile Site Submit — Allows publishers to add meta data describing their mobile site “to ensure that their sites are accurately indexed and available to consumers through Yahoo! oneSearch”.