Sexy Amsterdam sells for $50k on eBay



Amsterdam, that is. An adult entertainment company has just off-loaded a Second Life recreation of the Dutch city.

Complete with tram-lined waterways and public squares, the Amsterdam sim is actually a dedicated sex haven occupied by lady avatars of the night and stores selling sexual merchandise.

Eros LLC, the company behind the environment, has sold up in order to concentrate on building a bigger in-world sex business.

Ninety percent of its business was exclusively inside Second Life, where pixellated Amsterdam hookers approach newbie inhabitants and the surroundings are accurately modeled on the real-world town.

Eros founder Kevin Alderman (alias “Stroker Serpentine”) told Information Week:

“Eros is partnering with several adult industry concerns to develop a verified, mature playground.”

One of Second Life’s most popular, the Amsterdam sim had been open to all inhabitants, but the follow-up will be an adult-only affair.

The auction received one successful buy-it-now offer.

PepsiCo last night told E-commerce Times it had sold 11,402 virtual cans of Pepsi inside Second Life – the exercise designed as a branding opportunity.