MozzyTone, Once A Teen Deterrent, Now An Interactive TV Ad

Audience segmentation gone mad? KFC has struck a cross-branding partnership with the company behind the MosquitoTone mobile ringtone that inserts the high-pitched sound in one of the fast-food company’s latest TV advertisements. Originally unleashed as a deterrent to troublesome teens, the high-frequency noises emitted from technology developed by Compound Security Systems of Wales can only be heard by younger ears, prompting the rise of the MozzyTone (and even a dance remix) last year. From today, however, the tone will be embedded in an “interactive” KFC TV ad. Those who manage to hear it (only youngsters), can hit and enter the sound’s precise location to win meal vouchers. “It’s really an innovative marketing technique,” said Compound commercial director Simon Morris in a release.
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