Microsoft ‘to release’ adCenter update

Microsoft will roll out a new version of its adCenter search marketing system in around a month, according to one paid search professional claiming inside knowledge.

“Yesterday I had the opportunity to be briefed on Microsoft’s upcoming adCenter plans,”
wrote Search Engine Watch’s Eric Enge.

A new release is planned for four to six weeks, but you can play with it today at the adCenter Beta site.”

adCenter was developed after Microsoft dropped its reliance on Overture and Yahoo! search advertising last year, but is still flagged as a beta (pilot) product.

Amongst the “cool” new features reported by Enge are…

  • Cross-campaign keyword search.
  • Help in pop-ups.
  • Firefox support.
  • Expanded bulk upload capabilities.
  • Tagging and favourites for easy access to core campaigns.
  • Breadcrumb navigation.
  • New negative keyword management options.

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