Fashion searchers snap up Crocs

Crocs, the brightly-coloured, lightweight shoes, have become the most searched-for fashion item in the UK.

Hitwise reported an eight-fold increase in the number of “croc” queries since February, with most uptake seen as summer approaches.

“We have been blessed with warm weather of late and this is no doubt a key driver of searches for Crocs, Birkenstocks and sunglasses,” said analyst Heather Hopkins.

“Consumers looking to update their summer wardrobe are turning to the web and Crocs have become the must-have fashion item for spring.”

But Hopkins revealed, the official retail site, was not the top beneficiary from Croc search mania.

The top recipient of traffic, she said, is, which is getting 80% of its views from “croc” searches and 79% of its search traffic from sponsored links.