Job search is latest .mobi launch

Recruitment agency PFJ has launched a version of its job search platform for mobile phone devices.

The new website is available on the .mobi top-level domain at and allows handheld users to interrogate the company’s database of vacancies.

PFJ marketing manager Dimitris Mouzourou told NMA the full website remained the primary focus, but the mobile site was a necessary addition.

The site is the latest made-for-mobile content launch on the .mobi namespace, which is proving increasingly popular with marketers who want to reach browsers with the most appropriate page layout for the device.

Many mobile web browsers can access regular, full-featured web pages, but a growing number of publishers is preferring to offer cut-down alternatives that are both easier and cheaper for users to access.

The .mobi domain, operated by the Dublin-based dotMobi organisation, is reserved for such handheld-specific sites, including the one operated by your very own E-consultancy.

Last week, US train operator Amtrak launched a .mobi version of its site, complete with timetables.

dotMobi this month announced over 500,000 .mobi domains had been registered since the facility became available last October.