Sony, BT Turn PSP In To WiFi Phone And Video Call Device

BT and Sony are partnering to bring telecommunications features to the PSP games console. BT said it will enable video and voice calls and messaging over wireless broadband, using software clients it is developing. BT will be Sony’s lead carrier around Europe, with the UK first to get roll-out. The telco has signed a four-year contract with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE). It will bring to the handheld the kinds of VoIP functionality found in BT Broadband subscriber homes – it will be possible to route calls from a PSP to fixed lines, mobiles and computers, BT said. That doesn’t limit the PSP-phone to use indoors – BT also operates several thousands nationwide WiFi hotspots.

No firm details yet. In fact, announcing the tie-up this morning to iPhone comparisons, BT mobility and convergence chief Steve Andrews said: “I want to surprise the market rather than being chased up as to where it is and what is happening.” BBC News says more details will be released at the Leipzig Games Convention in August. (Release).