Google rolls out new video ad formats

Google has launched its AdSense video ads in three new-size formats, a move coinciding with the first anniversary of the service.

The click-to-play blocks pay cost-per-thousand publishers for every ad impression, regardless of video plays.

The new formats are a banner-like 728×90 “Leaderboard”, a 120×600 “Skyscraper” and a 160-x600 “Wide Skyscraper”, adding to the previous inventory of four sizes.

Clicking on a play button that appears in a portion of the ad begins to show the animated Flash video. Publishers need to enable pictorial ads in their dashboard in order to display the ads.

“If the advertiser has chosen to display the click-to-play video ad as a cost-per-thousand impression (CPM) ad, you will be paid for every valid impression of the static image, regardless of plays or clicks to the advertiser’s site,”
wrote AdSense’s Sandra Tsui.

“If the click-to-play video ad is a cost-per-click (CPC) ad, you’ll generate earnings from valid clicks to the advertiser’s site rather than clicks on the play button.”