Yahoo! shows biggest UK search share gains

Yahoo! has been the biggest winner among search engines in gaining market share over the last year, according to new statistics.

The Sunnyvale, California, search site’s share increased 13% here in the UK, taking it up to 8.6%, Hitwise reported.

But Yahoo! remains firmly in second place to Google, which enjoys a commanding 78% share.

Search Engine Share May 2007.png

Although Yahoo!’s main rival boasts a vast lead, it showed only a three percent increase in its share over the last year, according to the data.

But even that would be envied by MSN/Live Search, which dropped 25% to 5.5%, and by, which saw a two percent drop to five percent share.

The figures show that Yahoo! is successfully making in-roads into Google’s dominance at the expense of lesser rivals. If it can continue to do that, even without making direct dents in Google’s share, it will happily grow its user base.

The statistics came as Yahoo! switched on its updated Panama search marketing platform in the UK.