UK, Germany, Sweden head European net league

The UK has Europe’s most active online population, according to new data from online measuring agency comScore.

Every day, websites attract 21.8 million UK visitors, with Brits logging onto the internet 21 days every month, for an average 34.4 hours per month – all the highest figures in the continent.

ComScore’s World Metrix study shows 122 million Europeans aged over 15 were online on a selected day in April, against 114 million Americans.

On average, Europeans used the net 16.5 days every month, spending 24 hours per month viewing some 2,662 web pages.

But, whilst UK users top the league  in use of the internet, other nations are ahead on connectivity. Holland and Sweden boast 68 percent and  83 percent penetration respectively while Germany has the largest online population at 32.6 million people over 15 years of age.

And Swedes are more voracious than any other nationality, viewing a staggering 4,019 pages every month – that’s 51 percent above the continental average.

Those in Russia, Austria, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Belgium and Finland all use the net for fewer days per month than the European average.