Google Analytics out of beta, new features added

Google’s Analytics traffic analysis web software has come out of beta and has added a number of new features.

The previous iteration of the service, which was rolled out in November 2005 after Google acquired Urchin, was plagued with problems but will now be switched off on July 18.

“Since releasing the new Google Analytics, we’ve received repeated requests for specific features,”
wrote the Analytics team’s Alden DeSoto.

“We felt strongly that these features deserved to be incorporated into the product immediately so, as of today, everyone has access to the most requested improvements.”

New features include the ability to view reports on website traffic by hour; the ability to click through to links mentioned in referral, content, landing and exist pages reports; cross-segmentation by network location; an increase in the number of data rows from 100 to 500; a correction in the colours used to flag up bounce rates and better AdWords integration.

Google had to shut down beta sign-ups just days after it made the rebranded Urchin software available in 2005 due to embarrassingly slow performance.

But the company relaunched the site last month using design experience from its MeasureMap acquisition to make reports much easier to interrogate.

DeSoto added Analytics also now identifies referrals from the,, and search engines.