Yahoo! searchers suggest fix to buggy new feature

Yahoo! engineers had to start fixing a bug in a new live search feature, just a day after announcing the addition.

Yahoo! Search’s Kevin Lee introduced the new Search Suggest function, which offers suggestions on search terms as a user types.

The feature appears in the search box at the top of every Yahoo! search page.

“Not only does this limit the number of words you need to type into a query, it may also present similar queries to shorten your searching time and get to what you’re looking for quicker,”
Lee wrote on Wednesday.

But several users yesterday reported the “disable” feature, which turns off Search Suggest, did not work.

Within hours, Lee replied: “It looks like there may be a bug here.

“I have spent more time looking into it after seeing several comments here and elsewhere, and I was able to replicate the issue under some circumstances.

“We will start working on a fix immediately – our apologies for the inconvenience.”

Search Suggest is based on dynamic Ajax database calls and is often dubbed “live search” across other sites.

Google implemented the same feature, named Google Suggest, in its beta Labs in 2004; the feature was later added to the Google homepage.