Interview: Ashley Highfield, Director, BBC Future Media & Technology: Trust Takes Too Long

The BBC’s digital media supremo has said the broadcaster’s regulator should speed up the process for green-lighting new internet projects. In an in-depth interview to mark the launch of our newest site, paidContent:UK , director of future media and technology Ashley Highfield complained the corporation had been criticized for bringing its iPlayer TV catch-up software “late to market” because it was forced to go through a lengthy two-year approval process. He also revealed a Mac alternative to the P2P software, currently under development, will be premised on live video streaming and said ISPs threatening to throttle iPlayer bandwidth were being “disingenuous”.

BBC Trust: Highfield said the BBC Trust took nine months to give this May’s go-ahead to iPlayer, which was first proposed in 2003: “The issue is the time it takes … That