Sony Buys UK Games Developers Evolution, Bigbig To Bolster PS3 Line-Up

Amongst a range of Playstation 3 news, Sony (NYSE: SNE) Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) has bought Cheshire-based game developer Evolution and its Bigbig Studios subsidiary to tighten its PS3 games offering, SCE CEO Kaz Hirai announced at the Tokyo Games Show (via and Reuters). Founded in 1999, Evolution is responsible for the World Rally Championship series and the current MotorStorm PS3 game. Bigbig of Leamington Spa created the Pursuit Force title.

It’s in Sony’s interest to keep the developers close to its inner circle to guarantee strong releases that take advantage of the console – many developers have been put off by the complexity and costs of the PS3. VNU reports MotorStorm is even due for release next year on Sony’s own Blu-ray format

On which point, Hirai tells Sony is tweaking its PS3 marketing efforts to emphasise the console is a Blu-ray player and not just a games machine. Given consumer and industry confusion over whether to pick Blu-ray or HD-DVD, whether that’s a good thing remains to be seen. Hirai told bowing to demands for a PS3 price cut would have no effect if there was not a strong enough line-up of software for people to buy. He also told the Tokyo Games Show the company was postponing the launch of its Home PS3 virtual world from end of this year to next spring. More on