Raindance Festival Shows Indie Flicks Online Simultaneously With Tiscali

The Raindance Film Festival, Britain’s answer to the Sundance independent movie fest, has done a deal to show six of its showcase movies on Tiscali’s website. The ISP is a sponsor of the festival, which runs in London from September 26 to October 7, and will show the films simultaneously with their screening during the event. Partnering with independent film makers is a smart move for companies eager for content – those creatives are keenest to get distribution for their work. Tiscali in May partnered with Arts Alliance Media to offer independent movies available for rental and purchase online. Guardian: “Elliot Grove, who founded Raindance, said online distribution offered film makers new ways to fund their films. Online distribution would give aspiring film makers an opportunity to find an audience without having to go through the traditional Hollywood system.”