Industry Moves: EMI Appoints Consumer Champion To Work With Digital Director

Terra Firma’s changing of the EMI guard continues as it brings on ex Virgin Money CEO Mark Hodgkinson as consumer development director. In the week the music group’s new private equity owner further called for a radical digital overhaul, the group is placing an online gloss on the appointment, saying Hodgkinson will work closely with EMI’s global digital head, Barney Wragg, and talking up his “notable success in the digital space” (via release). Hodgkinson wants to ensure EMI “benefits fully from the growth potential offered by digital channels”. EMI under Eric Nicoli, of course, had already started to embrace digital, to some extent, by leading the majors’ charge toward DRM-free downloads. But Hands’ foot is more firmly on the accelerator. Hodgkinson appears to be tasked with finding out how today’s consumers really want to buy and listen to music.