AOL Europe Job Losses Unclear As US Sheds 1,200 Staff

While the majority of AOL’s job cuts in the US were made clear on Tuesday, the picture here in Europe is still to emerge. We know around 2,000 of AOL’s 10,000-strong workforce are going (1,200 of the in the US) and that 750 workers at its northern Virginia HQ were given their marching orders on Tuesday. AOL (NYSE: TWX) Europe is referring detailed questions on the restructure to Virginia, where a spokesperson said that the remaining 800 job losses “will be spread across the rest of the world and that includes Europe”.

The company is not yet breaking down in which countries or divisions losses will take place and isn’t saying when losses will come about, but did say the restructure in Europe is being overseen by the company’s executive team, including international operations head (Maneesh Dhir) and AOL Europe head Dana Dunne, who were appointed in January following the exit of previous European head Philip Rowley. So we’re left only with unions’ recently reported fears that 22 of 39 UK editorial posts will go amid off-shoring to India and that 100 of 170 German posts will go. AP reports: “Reductions abroad were expected by year’s end.”