In Print: Harvard Launches In London; Trinity Does Crowdsourcing

Harvard Business Review: One of the US leading business school magazines on management has launched a new site aimed at UK-based readers, which it says is its second-largest readership base outside the America. Initial content, which is being offered as a free trial to introduce more people to the site, includes a mixture of current and archived articles culled from the HBR as well as information about HBR-organised lectures and other networking events in London.

Trinity-Mirror: The newspaper publisher is to launch a crowdsourcing experiment on its recently relaunched Liverpool Daily Post‘s website, says. The project will invite contributions from expert professionals as part of an investigative story. Regional editorial director Neil Benson is keen on “getting our journalists to behave more like radio producers and orchestrating the contributions that they get, getting away from the idea that they have to generate everything themselves”. Meanwhile, the company has now made more regional website revamps, this time to the Daily Record and the icWales group portal.