Music On USB Sticks Elligible For Top 40 Chart Inclusion

The UK’s Official Charts Company (OCC) will start counting sales of music on USB Flash memory sticks from October 29, Reg Hardware finds. Universal is releasing singles from Keane and Pussycat Dolls singer Nicole on that date. The top 40 will include music sold on “digital memory devices” (DMDs) in a standard format of up to 512Mb (costing around £5 and enough to hold a whole album and then some) and a deluxe format of up to 5Gb (the extra room used for video and other multi-media and costing around £10). OCC introduced a download chart in June 2004, added downloads to the general top 40 in April 2005 and in December 2006 allowed digital tracks which aren’t released on physical formats at all to figure in the charts.