Skyscanner Bags £2.5 Million To Help Flight Search Engine Take Off

A good start – the original press release had to correct the dateline from “Edinburgh, England“. Anyway, the team behind this latest airline fares search site, based in the very much Scottish capital, has attracted £2.5 million in first-round funds from Scottish Equity Partners (SEP). Skyscanner has flown under the, erm, radar since its launch in 2003 while US travelers have got to grips with sites like Farecast and the likes of Kayak have since launched UK versions. Skyscanner says it’s profitable, gets over a million searches a day and covers over 180 airlines around over 5,000 destinations. The funds are raised with an ambitious aim – simply to be “the worlds most comprehensive easy-to-use flight search engine”. SEP is currently picking out of a $300 million fund.