Broadband Content Bits: Broadband Adoption, HD Freeview

Adoption: The proportion of internet users on broadband connections rose 2.2 percent between June and September, Office for National Statistics figures show. In September, 88.4 percent of internet users were on broadband, up from 86.2 percent. Some 49.2 percent of those were billed as over 2Mbps (though, given the growing alarm over whether advertised speeds are correct,that may be meaningless). (Via ZDNet).

Freeview: The BBC, ITV, (LSE: ITV) Channel 4 and Five have agreed a workaround to getting their channels broadcast in hi-def over digital terrestrial. They had wanted Ofcom to gift them spectrum released from the analogue switch-off, but the regulator plans to auction the airwaves to telecoms operators. Now the BBC has agreed to use one of its two multiplexes to carry channels from the broadcasters, Reuters reports (release here). The services would mostly go live by 2010, with Five online by 2012.