An iPhone For Christmas? Too Expensive, Say Most Brits: Research

The iPhone – it’s sexy but pricey. Seventy-two percent of Brits won’t be buying the gadget – released in the UK on November 9 – according to a Gfk NOP poll of 500 people. Here’s the breakdown…

– “I’m never going to buy it at that price!” – 46 percent
– “I like the look of it but it is too expensive” – 26 percent

– “I’ve never heard of it and it doesn’t interest me” – 12 percent
– “Forget about it, I don’t like it” – eight percent
– “I quite like it but there are lots of other phone I’m also thinking about” – five percent
– “I’m thinking of adding it to my Christmas list” – two percent

The handset costs £269 ($554) and customers are tied to a contract of £35 ($72), £45 ($92) or £55 ($113) for 18 months, making the complete deal at least £899 ($1,850), £1,079 ($2,221) or £1,259 ($2,592) over its life, aside from the costs of any data consumed outside of O2’s “unlimited” scope.

With the festive season approaching, many people may be wondering if the iPhone could make the list of top Christmas pressies. But here’s why the iPhone is a problematic present – the heavy month-by-month commitment means it’s the gift that keeps on taking. It’s for that reason, the iPod Touch – with largely the same features minus the phone and with a one-off fee – might be a better bet for many.