Interview: Lee Fenton, COO, Jamba: Focusing On Europe, Music, Simpsons

News Corp and Verisign’s Jamba mobile content JV will base its CEO in Berlin, become MySpace’s m-commerce facilitator in six European countries and push its new mobile/desktop music store out through broadband ISP portals as part of a new European focus.

In an interview with paidContent:UK during a visit to London, COO Lee Fenton said he would be “delighted” to take the top spot full-time after assuming LA-based CEO Lucy Hood’s duties since her resignation in October: “We wanted to base the CEO out of Europe and Lucy couldn’t base herself out of Europe and so she left.” Fenton made the move to Berlin mothership five months ago after dividing his time between Germany and California, and already sounds like he has his feet under the desk. But the company still expects to grow its LA studio and New York US HQ next year.

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