Print Bits: Relaunch, NoW Mobile Video

Independent: Surely the Indie’s not getting serious about its online presence? The site’s last half-hearted relaunch has never really bedded down (spews Java code here at time of writing) and its attempt at weblogs has not stuck too well. The paper’s editor Simon Kelner has rarely been an advocate of sorting out the online strategy, questioning multiplatform journalism in an amusing Guardian interview this year, and this Indie article criticising rivals’ podcast strategies seems to underline the stance. But now the Indie’s new ventures manager Bill Swanson tells Brand Republic the site will relaunch before Christmas and will begin to release ABCe figures.

News Of The World: The Sunday tabloid is launching an advertising-funded mobile site offering premium celebrity video clips ahead of the appearance of said celebs in the weekend dead-tree edition, NMA says. Publisher News International reckons over 90 percent of its readers have video-capable handsets. Price to download – £0.50. First advertiser – BSkyB’s (NYSE: BSY) 24/7 mobile soccer video news service in which News International is a partner.