Archos Bringing Movie Download Store To UK

Media player maker Archos is bringing its French movie download service to the UK, going head-to-head with the imminent European launch of iTunes Movie Rentals (via Pocketlint). Archos Movie Club lets users get two movies a month for one euro each plus a 19.99 euro monthly fee. They can transfer titles to Archos’ WiFi-enabled 605 player or its DVR Station. Archos MD Tony Limrick, at the launch of its new Archos TV+ device (which, for all the world, looks like an Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) TV box), said the company “is currently engaged in talks with most major Hollywood studios” (via Reg).

Which puts it on about the same footing as Apple – though the Mac maker has got US deals with all the movie majors, European launch is due “later”, most likely thanks to Europe’s more complex territorial licensing arrangements. Archos TV+, however, will use an entirely different download store from the movie club.