Google’s UK Revenue Up 57 Percent, Slowed Over Christmas

From the 10k Google filed with America’s SEC at the weekend (see full post at (via Virtual Economics)…

Google (NSDQ: GOOG) made $2.53 billion (£1.28 billion) revenue from the UK in 2007 (2006: $1.6 billion or £814 million; 2005: $878 million or £446 million) – a growth of nearly 58 percent. This is slower than the 82 percent growth seen in the previous year.

– In total, Google revenue was $16.59 billion (2006: $10.6 billion; 2005: $6.14 billion) – growth of 56 percent.

UK revenue comprised 15 percent of the 2007 total (2006: 15 percent; 2005: 14 percent). Strength of the pound and other currencies against the dollar prompted a hike in international revenue to $3.321 billion.

– But, on a quarterly basis, UK revenue as a proportion of the total slipped from 16 percent in Q3 to 14 percent in Q4 – “primarily a result of seasonal slowdown in certain advertising verticals, such as finance and travel“.

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