Industry Moves: Ex-AOL CEO Jonathan Miller Becomes OpenX Chair

Ex AOL (NYSE: TWX) CEO and chairman Jonathan Miller is joining OpenX, which last week rebranded from OpenAds, as chairman of the board. In a statement that spoke mostly about that name change, OpenX lauded Miller for having started AOL’s switch from an access provider to an ad-funded content publisher.

After stints as Nickelodeon MD and Paramount chief exec, Miller was replaced by Randy Falco at AOL back in late 2006 and joined the board of web ads firm Clickable three months ago. OpenX scored $15.5 million (£7.9 million) in VC money last month. Before it was OpenAds, OpenX was also phpAds, phpAdsNew, phpPgAds and Max Media Manager. The CEO is James Bilefield, ex Skype Europe GM and UpMyStreet founder.